Easystow Inflatable Sponsons/Floats

 for Dinghies, Small Boats, Canoes and Kayaks
By Easystow Fenders

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Sponsons and Inflatable Tubes 

After building custom sponsons and inflatable tubes for  10 years we now stock white sponsons in 4, 6 and 8" diameters for canoes, kayaks, dinghies and small boats. Length is 7.5 feet, long enough to spread the volume out and still fit canoes and dinghies.  Priced in pairs, sponsons include the mounting track plus a retaining strap for 6 and 8" diameters.

The one piece pvc track is easy to install either along or just under the gunwale of the boat. The sponson is then slid into the track and inflated. The curve of the gunwale locks the sponson in place. For the 6 and 8" diameters an optional strap with guides is included to further hold the sponson down when submerged.

The benefit of the track is the sponson can be easily removed when not needed or for transporting the boat on a car or trailer. It also allows easy swapping of sponsons for different applications, users and flotation. Mounting instructions are included with fastener recommendations depending on boat material.

Choosing the best diameter depends on how and by who the boat is going to be used. The 4" diameter works well as a bumper for dinghies and adds some stability without dragging in the water. It's good against a larger vessel for easy boarding. Each sponson  provides approximately 39 lbs of floatation.

The 6" diameter provides approximately 88 lbs of floatation per sponson for good support and stability in many conditions and uses. It's a good alternative to the 8" for boats with less freeboard or if interference with rowing or paddling could be a factor.

The 8" diameter sponson has enough floatation at 162 lbs per sponson to permit most people to climb into the boat from the water without swamping. Good for snorkeling, diving, swimming and stability.

The sponsons can be used in many ways, including as emergency floatation either inside or outside the boat. A  10" diameter may be added in the future. We can also supply custom lengths, materials and optional colors. Standard track length is 90 inches, 44 inch lengths are also available.

Sponsons are constructed of a liner which holds the air, and a cover of reinforced pvc for protection, including UV rays. The luff tape is sewn to the cover and sponsons are tapered at each end. The valve is a simple tube, folded in half and pushed into a sleeve. We have been using this simple design for over 10 years. Sponsons have a 2 year warranty against defects and are not designed for high speed pounding in waves.


4" Diameter Sponsons


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6" Diameter Sponsons


8" Diameter Sponsons


Different Colors and Optional Lengths Available

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Closed Valve and Tapered End Showing Luff Tape